Game Time:

Each Team is responsible for being at the venue at least 30 minutes before their scheduled game for check in etc. Games will consist of 2 18 minute halves. The game clock will start immediately at game time. Teams will have until 10 minutes from the time of scheduled tip off in the first half to avoid a forfeit. The clock will start once it is tip off time. At least 4 players & a coach must be present to start a game.  There will be warm up before the game and 2 minutes at halftime break. 


Player Fouls Out- 5 Fouls

Two technical fouls will result in the ejection of player/coach and suspension in the following game. 

1-1 Bonus- 7th Team Fouls

Double Bonus- 10th Team Foul

Time Outs:



Overtime will last 2 minutes (running clock). Double Overtime and thereafter will be sudden death. No timeouts in sudden death.

Bracket Play Eligibility

Any player who has not played in a game prior to bracket play will not be eligible to compete in bracket play. This rule has been implemented as of January 15, 2023. 

Game Ball:

The 28.5 official game basketball size for 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u

The 29.5 official game basketball size for 12u, 13u, 14u, 15u, 16u & 17u


Each team must have a Home & Away jersey (light and dark). Home team will be the light uniform and Away will be dark. Home team will provide the game ball.

Mercy Rule:

If a team is ahead by 20 points or more the clock will turn into a running clock under 2 minutes in the game. If the lead drops below 20 points normal rules (stopped clock) will resume under 2 minutes in the second half.  All games will be completely played out no matter the score.


Home team is responsible for supplying the game ball. Each team is responsible for cleaning the bench area after the game has ended.

Player Ejections:

Any player ejected from a game will be suspended the very next game (NO Exceptions). Any player(s) involved in or ejected for fighting will be suspended the remainder of the tournament.

Birth Certificates or ID:

All teams must have a copy of each player's birth certificate with them during the entire tournament for both safety & verification purposes if needed. We recommend parents give a copy of their child's birth certificate to their coach.

Age Challenges & Protests:

A protest of a particular player must be made by the opposing team coach (not including parents or fans) prior to the start of the game. Teams being protested must produce a legal birth certificate and/or form of ID showing the players date of birth for the player being challenged. Failure to produce the proper documentation will result in an automatic player disqualification for that particular player from any further games within the tournament.

NOTE: No player may be allowed to play on two separate teams/organizations and participate in the same event in the same division.  A player that plays on two teams can only play up in another age division.  A player that plays on the two teams for the same organization (within the same age group) is not allowed.

Tie Breaker Criteria

  1. Tie breakers etc will be determined by the online tournament tool we currently use. This is a computer based system with no human bias.


Players are encouraged to bring their own water, basketball, towel. 

Jerseys must have a number.

Any rules not mentioned above will be worked out fairly at the discretion of the Event Director.

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated!!! A referee may remove players from the game or tournament for inappropriate behavior. We are here for the kids. Do not allow or condone poor sportsmanship. This includes coaches and parents!!!



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